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About Our Business

As more states legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and the industry grows, Green Path Consultants, a cannabis integrated wellness company, is here to help those looking to include cannabis into their lifestyles! With over 30 years of combined health care experience, trust us at GPC to help you navigate the modern cannabis industry! 

Cannabis is a rapidly growing sector of the health care industry. GPC offers consulting services through in-person* and virtual meetings for anyone ages 21 and older who want to add recreational and/or medical cannabis into their health program. Some of the topics we cover include proper dosage, how to use different equipment, education about laws, and more.

“We at GPC bring an unprecedented new level of care to clients seeking to add cannabis to their routines but are not sure where to start,” says Laura Norman, senior partner at Green Path Consultants.  

Studies have shown that cannabis offers a wealth of benefits for clients, such as reduced inflammation, non-opioid pain relief, depression relief, anxiety relief, and improved lung capacity. It also helps with weight management, regulating seizures, PTSD symptoms and tremors. 


GPC also offers educational programs for palliative/hospice/home care services who want to educate their staff regarding effectively using cannabinoids with patients.We also offer consulting services for nursing facilities seeking to integrate cannabis safely in the facility. 


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Nicole “Nik” Williams
Registered Nurse


Laura Norman
Registered Nurse


Charlotte Francis
Registered Nurse

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